Monday, April 11, 2011

"I Wish I Hadn't Been Right, and I'm Glad You Took My Advice."

That's what I said to a friend today.  Not long before, she had mentioned that something was bothering her.  I told her to get it checked by a doctor, though she thought that she should wait and see.  I told her that there was too much potential of something going wrong.

She had it checked out.  My diagnosis was incorrect, but she did need emergency care.  But my advice was 100% right.  I'm glad I had helped her out.

In previous years I'd blog about the progress I've made in my cleaning for Passover.  This year is harder.  G-d willing, in the end I'll be ready with all that's really necessary.

We don't eat in the bedrooms.  The spare rooms have all been cleaned.  My husband cleaned the laundry room today.  I'm going to concentrate on the kitchen stuff.  The other day I polished the silver.  And I've also washed down the outsides of the kitchen cabinets.  I cleaned the refrigerator, except the vegetable bin, and the freezer.

We'll do whatever we can and then we'll switch to Pesach dishes, G-d willing on Friday.  On Shabbat we'll eat chametz on disposables and then we'll be in Pesach gear, so I can cook on Sunday for the Seder.

Does anyone have some better ideas?

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