Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Post-Seder, Catching Up on Sleep

With all the pre-Passover cleaning, cooking and working in Yafiz, I entered Pesach in the red, sleep-wise.

We had a very child-oriented seder at  my daughter's house.  The eldest grandchild took turns with some of the adults reading from the Hagaddah.  I had done most of the cooking, and there was too much food.  Some of it my daughter kept and even froze.  The rest I took home.  Son #1 did a barbeque for the lunch meal.  Of course I ate too much.

Later in the afternoon we ate geffilte fish, my recipe.  And we ate lots of vegetables.

I drank only one type of wine at the seder.  Nobody else wanted any of it.  I finished the bottle and we have more.  It's a local wine, very local.  Last summer I had offered a neighbor my grapes, totally organic for wine making.  That's what I drank at the seder.

Now, my mind is able to shut down.  I need my sleep.  Good night!

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