Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Favorite Passover Food?

What's your favorite Passover food, Kosher for Pesach specialty? 

It could be something you only eat on Passover, special ritual food, or something that you can eat any time of the year, but since it can be made according to the special kosher for Passover halachot, Jewish Law, you love eating it on Passover.

My favorite Passover food is Charoset.  Not just any charoset, it must be our traditional recipe.  My daughter is married to a Tunisian Jew, and they serve a very different charoset made with dates.  In Israel it's easy to buy a block of "de-pitted" dates, ready to be rolled or combined with whatever you wish.   You may also put some in a bowl, add boiling water and mix to make it the consistency of a great healthy DATE SPREAD.  Use it instead of jam in sandwiches, on crackers or matzah, or even to ice a cake.

Vegans and fruitarians (or if you're entertaining some and looking for suitable menu ideas) can (and probably do) eat some version of Charoset all year long.  Maybe they leave out the strong, sweet red wine.

My family loves Savta Brei, the very unique Matza Brei my mother-in-law and now for the past forty years I make.


Hadassa said...

and mo'adim l'simha!
I actually make them a few times a year, but on Pesah they taste especially good because they're the only dessert other than fruit salad, that I prepare. (I don't have a Pesah oven, yet, so I don't bake.) They are... stuffed dates. Each date is pitted, checked, stuffed with a walnut half and then rolled in shredded coconut.
The breaded (with matza meal, the bread of affliction) eggplant that we have on Pesah always tastes especially good too, even though the ingredients don't change throughout the year. It must be something like the "spice of Shabbat".

Batya said...

Maybe the food tastes better on Pesach, because we eat less processed foods. It is better for the taste buds and for us.

Tzivia said...

Cheesecake! Somehow, on Shavuos, it's not as special... but on Pesach, when you're least expecting it, there it is: all cheesy and normal and delightful. I can pretty much make a regular cheesecake recipe at Pesach, though I do have to innovate a bit with the crust (we don't eat gebrochts).
Second favourite are my mother's matzah-meal bagels. We eat them on the last day.

Batya said...

We no longer do much dairy. But my daughter makes Pesach rolls for her kids.