Friday, April 22, 2011

Cooking in Another's Kitchen

There are people who can just enter another person's kitchen and get to work, feel, or at least give the impression of being perfectly comfortable.  I'm not one of them.  I'm very kinesthetic by nature and can be easily disoriented when not by my own set-up and possessions.  I also feel uncomfortable using someone else's equipment.

A few years ago I managed to overcome it when we made the Passover seder at our son's apartment in Jerusalem.  I had cooked almost everything at home.  He added a couple of things and I had to finish off the soup there.  I had made the soup stock, chicken, at home and froze it for easy transporting.  Because of his job at the time, he could only be with us if we came to him.

This year we spent the seder at our married daughter's (the cooked food I brought was ready to heat and serve) and then we returned on Wednesday, the first day of Chol HaMoed for our traditional Passover Savat Brei, the unique version of Matzah Brei my mother-in-law used to make.

Now, I'm the savta (granny, bubbie) and I actually did the cooking in my daughter's gorgeous, large, easy to work in kitchen!  I felt very much at home there.  But I must get her a better spatula.  Hers is for teflon pans, not suitable for the frying in a good stainless steel one needs for Savta Brei.

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