Monday, February 18, 2013

Felafel, Classic or With New "Trimmings"

Sorry, that I didn't photograph it, but last night I needed a quick and low cost dinner, so I went felafel-hunting in Jerusalem.  I chose the shuk-Machaneh Yehuda as the best place to find a felafel of reasonable price in a stand that doesn't sell shwarma or any other meat product.

When it comes to felafel, I'm an old-fashioned purist

I like my felafel simple, just the freshly fried chickpea balls, salad, techina, some charif, hot stuff and that's about it in a pita.  I also don't like to spend a lot.  I found a small place on Rechov Agrippas (Street) that only charged ns12.  He also had a big sign claiming that his is the best in Jerusalem.  I haven't done a taste-test, so I can't verify that.  My true favorite used to be Moshe Siton's on Rechov Meyuchas, but he closed it years ago.

He offered all sorts of "extras" which I refused.  I didn't want the hummus, nor the chips nor the eggplant nor the pickles etc.  Yes, there was more.  I did accept the cabbage to be added to the simple classic tomato and cucumber salad cut up real tiny.

It was good.  The felafel balls were fresh and not too salty, and the salad tasted fresh, too. I had been afraid of the salad being too old, since it was already dark when I was there starving.

So, are you a felafel-classic eater, or do you add what I consider extras?

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