Saturday, February 09, 2013

Eating Kosher in Atlanta, Georgia

I'm recovering I hope I'm fully recovered from my trip to Phoenix, Arizona and Atlanta, Georgia.  In Phoenix I ate home cooking, mostly my own in kosher pots I kept at my sister's and my parents' places.  On Shabbat I was hosted by a lovely family.  So I don't have anything new to write about eating kosher there.

But my hostess with the mostest  in Atlanta took me out to kosher restaurants every day I was with her.  We began and ended the visit at the same restaurant, the Pita Palace, (404) 781-7482 1658,  La Vista Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30329.

Their vegetable soup was totally delicious and hit the spot, soon after I landed.  I also had some chicken and lots of salads.  That day I was much too tired to photograph the food, but I was in better shape before leaving.  Their felafel was excellent, and I enjoyed adding as much salad as the pita could take.

My hostess, who is very fussy about her food, declared their felafel the best!  Here's some of their menu.

We met a facebook friend of mine at a/the kosher dairy restaurant, not sure of the name.  I had a vegetable dish, which must have had been cooked the week before, since it was cold, and we were their first customers on Sunday morning.  My friends couldn't stand their food and sent back their pitas which were stale.  I wasn't impressed by the menu either.  The original plan had been to go to the Pita Palace, but I wanted dairy, actually didn't want to find myself restricted to meat so early in the day, which I didn't even order in the end.

A third restaurant we tried was the Chinese one,  Chai Peking, 404-327-7810 2205 LaVista Road, Atlanta, GA 30329, Inside Kroger Toco Hills. Chinese take out (Seating available) Meat.  It took us a while and a phone call to find it, because we didn't know that it was in a sort of food court in the Kroger Supermarket. 

The food reminded me of "old time New York Chinese," but the ambiance was something totally different...  I did like the filling in the eggrolls and the main course, beef vegetable dish I ordered.  It was pretty obvious that most people use if as a "take-out" place and don't eat meals there.  There was just one small table.

The supermarket had a very large selection of kosher food.  You could already stock up for Passover if you're ready.

Yes, I must start preparing my own home for Passover...

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