Friday, February 15, 2013

Vicarious Aliyah, Moving The Family To Israel

My husband and I got on the boat to Israel just two months after our wedding.  That was the easy way.  And it was over forty years ago.  During those forty-two and a half years, I've seen other families and singles make the big move complicated by children and more deeply ingrained habits, customs etc than we took.

During my years of blogging I've gotten to know many other Jewish bloggers, of all ages and family situations.  Some live in Israel and others in Chutz L'Aretz, abroad.  Some of the bloggers davka use their aliyah as the ongoing theme of their blogs.

One blogger I've been in contact for years, who has also hosted the Kosher Cooking Carnival is Adventures in Mamaland, A New Adventure Everyday.  She's now in Israel with her husband, לתור את הארץ "latur et haAretz," to "stake out" the Land and is writing Adventures in AliyahLand.

We met up the other day f2f.

I anxiously await their arrival as עולים חדשים olim chadashim new ascendants/immigrants!


Lorri said...

How wonderful that you met! I like the photo!

The face-to-face contact is always nice.

Batya said...

Nothing beats f2f, Lorri