Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Thank The Good Lord, Yes, I'm Home!

I passed though that, under that sign just a few hours ago, and now I'm in Holy Shiloh!

I'll be blogging more about the trip to Phoenix, AZ, to see my parents, sister and her family, and to Atalanta, GA, to see a friend in the near future, G-d willing, bli neder.

I'm no longer among the lucky travelers who don't have to get stressed over the panic in catching "connecting flights."  I took US Air, so the international connections were made in Philadelphia, PA.  It was horribly stressful for me. 

As much as I knew I needed the exercise, I had planned on taking a ride in one of those little carts when landing in Philly from Atlanta, especially since the first flight had been delayed, but there was no US Air customer agent/helper and no carts.  A and B are a far distance, especially since I had to get to the furthest end to catch my plane to Israel.  When I complained I was told that they no longer provide the service.  Someone less fit than me would have been stuck there unless they had flown as "handicapped" in a wheelchair.

Even though the seats in the US Air were very comfortable, the lack of service in the airports make it impossible for me to recommend them.

As usual I also panicked about whether or not I'd find my suitcase quickly, but the new one my friend got me and I decorated was one of the first  out.

The most important thing is that I'm home, safe and sound.  And the hardest thing will be the unpacking.


Sandra said...

Glad you are home and look forward to hearing your stories! Surely the unpacking is easy ish...it's the washing that I hate!

Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

welcome home!

I always tie a colorful ribbon to the handle of my suitcase - a tip that my mother suggested many years ago. that way, when all the suitcases are the same color, you know which one to look for.

Batya said...

Leah, we've tied ribbons, too, but since this is a new suitcase I wanted to make it more distinguishable and obviously mine.

Sandra, thanks. Unpacking is the hardest for me, sorting the gifts and fitting new stuff away.