Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Coffee Treat, The French Press

Have you ever tried coffee made in a  French Press?

I had been hearing about them, but since I do love to perc my coffee on the stove in a percolator, I wasn't all that interested in changing the coffee I love so much.  Though I am flexible when a guest some place.

In perked coffee, the boiling water keeps getting pushed threw the little "container" that holds the actual ground coffee.  In Israel, I'm happy with the results I get using Elite Turkish Coffee.  But on my trip to Atlanta, GA, I didn't have my usual equipment. When my friend set up a "kosher corner" in here kitchen, knowing I'd need easily available coffee, she got me a French Press.

To use it:
  • put a couple of spoons of your coffee,
  • my daughter has hers specially ground in the shuk, requesting "for a French Press," in the glass jar. 
  • Add boiling water,
  • then put in the cover/filter
  • slowly press it down so the filtered coffee will stay on top and the "mud" or grounds will stay safely underneath the filter
I drank the coffee with my usual milk and sugar, and it was fantastic.

Nu, does anyone know if it's considered halachikly (according to Torah-Orthodox Jewish Law) permissible on Shabbat?  Of course, the water would then come from a kli sheni.  It's the good coffee which is taken out for use, just like a water filter, right?


Leora said...

I love my French Press. Now, if you get a coffee grinder and fresh beans to go with it, you will be in 7th heaven.

Anonymous said...

I think using the French PRess on Shabbos you have a "borrer" issue - separating good/bad unwanted/wanted.

Batya said...

Leora, that would add to my morning routine, but what about the French Press on Shabbat?
a, isn't it like a water filter, letting the good out instead of the bad?

Anonymous said...

About the halachic ramifications of using the French Press on shabbos (more modern orthodox seem to permit but Rabbi Heineman of the Star K in Baltimore does not)


Batya said...

a, thanks