Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Illegal occupation for sure!

This family doesn't belong here!!

Yes, this family of a mother cat and her kittens took up living among the colored tee shirts in the store where I work.  Part of the store isn't really indoors.  That's how the cat got in.  No doubt she felt very comfortable among the nice new clean shirts and she chose that location to drop her litter, as the saying goes.

Customers kept coming up to us saying:
"Have you noticed there's a mother cat and kittens on the shelf?"

Yes, we've noticed.  I hope that by the next time I have a work shift, they will have shifted out to another location...


Anonymous said...

Dear Batya: It would be nice to feed the mother cat and have some rahmanot!

Batya said...

She seems to be doing fine and must have moved in a couiple of weeks ago from the size of the kittens.