Monday, February 25, 2013

Purim Fun

Considering that Shiloh is one of the select ancient Biblical cities which has to celebrate two days of Purim, instead of the standard one, we who live in Shiloh are Purim experts.  Nobody knows how to stretch out the fun of Purim like my neighbors.

Though  I must admit that my family has a bunch of party-poopers who would rather read.  Maybe it's genetic.  Well, maybe it's because we've never encouraged that Purim drinking many need to "let go."

This time, though, the kids were introduced to the "green trampoline," which surrounds the house.  They had great fun playing on it!

For most of us, there was no fun way to burn off the calories after all the food we had eaten.

Just a few hours left of Purim.  Only one more, out of the four Megillah readings left.  Thank G-d I'm a woman and I don't have to actually read it out loud.  I just have to find the perfect place to hear it.


Rickismom said...

And stay awake to hear every word! Gained tons, even though I TRIED to be good.. SIGH.....

Batya said...

Yes, RM. Must get back on the diet train, especially with a wedding G-d willing.

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Batya said...

Lynne, sorry, but this is a personal blog.