Sunday, October 13, 2013

Can't Complain, A Confession

Not long ago I would have been hysterically complaining about all of the inconveniences of last week's water problems, and I would have stewed inwardly seriously affecting my health and blood pressure about the high expenses involved.  But looking at the big picture and following the bima ima's never dull saga about her son Superman Sam has really reminded me of how precarious life is and refocused my priorities.

I used to have total hysteria about missing a bus or being late to something.  The breaking of a glass would be like a death, a major tragedy.  I was a terrible mother because of it.  I'd get hysterically angry over the most minor mistakes.  Everything was a Greek tragedy.  OK, yes, that's how I was raised, but it has taken me much too long to realize that I had to stop the cycle.  My kids had already left the house before I learned that I had damaged them.

I'm still learning how to smile and take things easily.  People say I've changed.  It has taken me years and years.

Judaism's concept of teshuva, repentance is a technique of constant change, correction, renewal.  With every breath we can do better, G-d willing.


Lorri M said...

I believe we are all on a continual journey, one that is endless, yet brings positive changes, even through some negative moments.

David Tzohar said...

And I always thought that you were easy -going and happy go lucky. Go figure. You had me fooled.

Batya said...

Lorri, that's for sure. We have to keep flowing and changing with the currents.

David, I guess I was always so happy to be with you guys, and honestly, I still am.