Thursday, October 24, 2013

Two Tremps and a Bus

Two Tremps and a Bus, yes, I agree.  It sounds like the name of a bad movie.  That's how I travel. That's especially how I go to work and come back home.  This morning it was exactly that.  I finally caught a ride going to Beit El.  I didn't need to go to Beit El, so I said that I'd get off at Ofra.

Just as we were passing the road to Ma'ale Levona I saw an Egged bus, #477 (Elon Moreh to Jerusalem)  ahead of us.  I hoped I'd catch it at Ofra.  We passed it, and I saw it enter Ofra just as I was getting off on the main road.  I debated whether or not to run into Ofra to catch it.

Just as I was about to try to run across the road and into Ofra to catch the bus, a car pulled up and the driver said he was going to Jerusalem and agreed to drop me off at Sha'ar Binyamin. A few minutes later he said that he'd go into Kochav Ya'akov for a minute on the way, so I asked to get off at the Ma'avar Michmash stop aka the gas station.

I waited there a few minutes, getting impatient.  Then suddenly, what should come by but... the very same 477 I'd been following. I paid my fair and traveled all of a kilometer to work.

The strangest thing is that no matter when within a ten minute range I leave the house, I end up arriving at the same time to work.


Hadassa said...

The 477! My favorite bus! (We do have a car, but the 477 is still my favorite bus.)

Batya said...

Hadassa, it bypasses Shiloh and goes to Maale Levona instead. I don't know much else about it. The other bus company, "Ofek?" has one that goes from Ariel to Ofra, Jerusalem and Maale Adumim. Does 477 skip Ariel?