Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The 5 Shekel Food Place, Review #1

As promised, here's a review of the new five shekel food place near Jerusalem's Central Bus Station.   A friend wrote it:
Not anything to really get excited over.  The salad was crisp and fresh, but about as small as you would expect for only 5 shekels.  It had lettuce, tomato, cucumber and a carrot curl -- attractive as well as crisp and fresh.  There was only one kind of salad dressing, which was rather nondescript -- I think it was supposed to be thousand island.  I didn't get a sandwich, as they were all pre-made and wrapped, and I couldn't tell what else besides the tuna.  I also ordered an iced vanilla  which was awful.  It didn't taste live vanilla, wasn't at all sweet, it didn't even taste like milk.  More like iced, ice.
The biggest drawback was that all the seating was outside and there were half a dozen smokers clustered between us and the door to the tachana mercazit*.  That was so unpleasant that we just sort of gobbled our salads and left quickly.
G-d willing I'll get more reviews for you.  I hope to sample the salad and ice cafe sometime soon.  I still think it's a good deal.  Now we must also see if prices go down inside the bus station.  Nowadays with the reduced security checks, people with time can rush out to save money and buy coffee, pastries and sandwich for just ns5.

*bus station


Marion Rosen said...

I bought pizza and a Coke Zero on the slice was definitely a decent size (and not too greasy) for 5NIS. And where can you buy a 5NIS can of soda/pop anymore?

Batya said...

Marion, thanks for your input. I appreciate the review. May the "pashut ta'im" people prosper.