Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Strolling Through Jerusalem, New and Old Parks

I remember when the Liberty Bell Park was a new park.  It's still very attractive and has a WC aka public toilets open from 7am until 7pm.

From the Liberty Bell Park, walk up Emek Refaim Street until you get to Pierre Koenig where you'll find a path to the new train track park on the old tracks.  The only wheels you'll find now are bicycles and baby carriages.

There are also fitness playgrounds for children of "all ages," including adults who enjoy staying in shape.

Think of it as a pedestrian and cyclist street.  The views are gorgeous, too.

Isn't it more fun to walk than ride?


Leora said...

We were in that park in 2007, so my daughter was still the age of enjoying playgrounds. It was a nice visit. Someone liked my photo of the bell and used it for a presentation at Brandeis.

Batya said...

At my age, I focus on different facilities.