Saturday, October 26, 2013

Great Deal on a Tuna Salad at Cafe` Hillel Express

A couple of weeks ago I met a friend in the Talpiyot neighborhood of Jerusalem for lunch.  The most convenient place for us to go to for lunch was the Hadar Mall, since she had been to a lecture in the new (at least for me) offices and hall of AACI, which is just across the street.  We walked around the mall a bit until we found what we hoped was the quietest place to sit, and that's how we chose in which restaurant to eat.  Neither of us has great hearing, and we wanted to have a nice chat.  The Cafe` Hillel Express seemed relatively quiet.  It also has an outdoor eating area, where you hear passing cars and seemed a lot more popular than the small indoor set up.

There's a counter where you order, and the food is brought to wherever you're sitting. And there is also a take-out option for even less money.  If I'm not mistaken the small Israeli salad, mostly cucumbers and tomatoes, cut into small pieces was just NS30.  The addition of some tuna added just NS5 to the bill. From what I understand, the Cafe` Hillel Express menu has some less expensive options than their restaurant menu.

It was served with rolls, butter and salad dressing.  They were very accommodating when I requested olive oil.  My tuna salad was filling and delicious.  I took the rolls home, which I frequently do when eating out.  They're in the freezer and my husband will be given them as a lunch treat.

Yes, I do recommend this pleasant restaurant.

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