Tuesday, October 08, 2013

And How Would You Title This? A Story, Perhaps?

Remember elements of a story, place, time, characters and what happens...

Just comment what you think, thanks.


Yocheved Golani said...

A portal to the future. Explore it. Let healthy curiosity and good sense guide you.

Poverty's Angels said...

(Caption - Journey's End)

The trees stood like guards on the final ascent, welcoming her back. Tamara smiled. Sweet memories of the summers she spent here as a child, just a camper, filled her mind. After twenty-years would the little cabin still stand as companion to the lake?
It didn't matter, she had a tent, bedroll, and provisions for a few weeks; she planned to build a new cabin in any case. What mattered most was the place was hers now, and no-one would drive her away again.
(you asked for a story, did my best)

Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

this is the road that Robert Frost took, instead of "The Road Not Taken".


Batya said...

I absolutely adore these stories and captions. Thank you!

When I passed those stairs, I just had to take the picture.