Saturday, October 12, 2013

Coffee Corner and Water Update

When we were without water, I found going into the kitchen too depressing, especially coffee time in the morning.  Instead of simply being able to use my giant glass mug twice for coffee, I had to keep returning with the smaller disposable hot cup.  My large glass French Press makes enough for two full giant mugs, with room for milk and some sugar of course.  So I set up a little "coffee corner" by my seat in the den near the computer.

And if you haven't yet heard the news....

Our main water pipes got replaced on Friday early afternoon.  We now, bli eyin haraa and of course BARUCH HASHEM, have water in the house via the faucets, rather than schlepped in bottles.

What's most amazing is that I managed to do everything necessary for Shabbat, all the cooking, cleaning etc on Friday, mostly after the pipes were replaced, and I unprecedentedly finished early.  I couldn't do any Shabbat preparation on Thursday. In the end we event had much beloved guests.

Miracles do happen!

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