Monday, October 07, 2013

Fun With The Grandkids, Playing with Classic Play-Doh

I try to encourage the grandkids to play with something other than a keyboard and screen.  The most willing is the three year old.

I was happy to find some classic Play-Doh in the closet. That kept her (and me) busy for quite a while.  At one point she decided to turn the "snakes" into jewelry.

This activity was also good for teaching her the names of the colors in English.  At first she'd argue with me, saying that "it's not blue; it's cachol," the Hebrew for blue.  But then after I'd repeat that it's blue a few times, she'd use both words.  We did that for all of the Play-Doh colors plus the balloons I had blown up for her.

My grandkids are being raised in Hebrew, but I speak to them in English.  Sometimes they understand everything I say, such as "wash up," but other times I need a lot of pantomime and a few key words in Hebrew.

PS You have probably noticed that this time she happily posed for me.  And as usual, I'm only posted pictures which make it very difficult to actually see her face.  That's on purpose, not due to photographic ineptitude.

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