Thursday, October 10, 2013

Touring Close to Home

During Succot we went touring.  It felt in some ways like a different world, because we were in Tel Aviv.  But the truth is that by car, Tel Aviv is just over an hour away from Shiloh or even closer if there's no traffic.  In some ways it feels very different, but it isn't all that different.  And no surprise that we met neighbors who live about ten doors away and doven at the same shul at one of the sites.  We went to two places, the first was the "old Jaffa train station."  The set-up is similar to what was done in Jerusalem; the Tel Aviv site was fixed up first.

One Family had a very moving exhibit about victims of Arab terror and their families.  Yes, it was awfully depressing.

The overall atmosphere at the train station was fun and carnival.


Fun for all ages, including free 10 minute massages to promote "alternative medicine in Kupat Cholim Clalit.

Our next stop was the Tel Aviv Boardwalk.  And the sea was mesmerizing.

One of these "creative Judaism," or Judaism for the not fully-observant groups had a big succah and lots of scheduled activities.

There definitely was a carnival atmosphere.

And an indoor shuk, market.

I must admit that it's certainly convenient living in a small country. There's so much to see and short distances to travel here in Israel.


Leora said...

Thanks for taking us on your trip. I loved watching the sea when I was in Israel. I spent a few hours walking on the beach with a friend in Naharia.

Batya said...

My pleasure. There's nothing more photogenic than the sea late afternoon.