Friday, March 25, 2016

Dumb Smart Phone and Computer, Stumped by Clock Change

(Image Source: Daylight Saving Time @ ejabs)

Last night while most of us were sound asleep 2am became 3am as Israel began to follow Daylight Savings Time and moved up the clock an hour. I used to be able to trust my phone and computer to reset itself by some magic connection, but for the longest time my computer is too dumb, or my memory is faulty. Maybe it had never been trustworthy about the clock...

For sure, in the past when we were with one of the big (and outrageously expensive) cellphone service providers the time changed without our having to even think about it. So, my only complaint about the Golan company is that it's a bit autistic about time. Maybe it's not autistic, because those with autism are pretty OCD about those things.

A few months ago, before Israel went off of DLS, my phone did, and it was quite an effort on my part to realize that I had to set it manually. Then at some point during the winter I returned it to automatic. Considering that I couldn't afford to get up late today, last night I again changed the settings and the time and gave it the new Daylight Savings Time and got up on time. Yes, I'm tired but I need to get a lot done today. It's also Shushan Purim, which requires a fourth Megillah reading and Mishloach Manot and a Meal and it's also Friday so there's Shabbat to prepare for etc.

But I checked the phone today to see if it was smart enough to reset automatically; it wasn't. And I also reset the time on the computer, because I discovered that on Facebook times of events are calculated according to the computer's time and not the actual scheduled time.

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