Thursday, March 10, 2016

Healthy Dessert and Pot-Luck Contribution

One does not need to get all fancy, high calorie when making desserts. This is a photo of what I brought last Saturday night to Pre-Rosh Chodesh celebration at a neighbor's. I make the same sort of fruit plate when I need to contribute to a Kiddush in shul or even when I have guests for a meal. I simply take fruits in season, cut and add toothpicks for easy serving and eating.

This flower-like arrangement has a red grapefruit, an apple and a banana. That's it. You can add more fruit, sprinkle with raisins or other dried fruit, add nuts etc. This sort of fruit plate is relatively hygienic for serving large groups, because almost all of the pieces have their own toothpick, so people don't handle the food.

And obviously, it's not laden with sugars and fats. So it's good for a group trying to stay healthy. And of course it can be made at the very last minute.  I hope this helps you with ideas.

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