Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Must Admit...

Now, I'm going to be perfectly honest and say something that some people may find shocking. I hate fast days. On the Jewish Calendar we have just too many. And for me one is too many, too.

On a fast day we can't eat or drink, unless we have some medical condition that requires it for life-saving reasons. And thank Gd, I'm healthy.

I'm just a terribly lazy kvetch without my food and drink, especially water and coffee in the morning.

And today is a fast day. Fast days go so slowly... It's Ta'anit Ester, the Fast of Esther which leads into the Holiday of Purim.

I quite often cook on fast days. I love to break the fast on vegetable soup, so I make some. Today I'll make a lot of it, because I'm giving containers and jars of it as Mishloach Manot, the food gifts one is commanded to give on Purim to friends.

So, that's my rant for the day. Sorry...

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