Friday, March 04, 2016

I Love Those One-Pot "Bake and Serve"'s

When I realized that this Shabbat my husband and I seem to be on our own, sans guests and invitations, I pulled out one of our favorite treats from the freezer, turkey drumsticks. I don't serve them to guests, because each is a full portion as far as we are concerned, and not all guests eat that quantity. Every once in awhile I buy a couple of packages, each with two inside. And then I look for different ways to cook them.

I always cook the turkey drumsticks along with some vegetables, and sometimes an apple, too. But this time I kept away from sweet things, if you agree that sweet potatoes aren't all that sweet.

One advantage to the turkey drumsticks is that they are pretty clean, especially compared to chicken. That makes for easy food preparation. The downside is that they are also pretty expensive compared to chicken, two-three times the price per serving, and the bone is pretty heavy. They definitely are a nice treat for us.

Here's the potful before cooking:

There are, as you can see, turkey drumsticks, cut onion, carrots, sweet potato, zucchini and cinnamon on top. I added a bit of water, so it won't burn, juice or wine would be even better, but I wanted to experiment on a very low sugar dish. Not that we're diabetic, bli eyin haraa, but I'm curious about how necessary the sweet stuff is when making turkey.

I cooked it covered on the stove top. I used my forty-year old Le Creuset pot which I bought when we lived in England. The original cover broke soon after, so I've been using different covers (aluminum foil when in the oven) ever since when necessary. It seems to have cooked up nicely.

And that is what is on the menu for tonight. I will serve it with more cooked vegetables, a large fresh salad, and for my husband a carbohydrate. I'm thinking of baking up potatoes with large chunks of pumpkin. If so, I'll eat pumpkin and he'll have both.

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