Thursday, March 03, 2016

Enjoying Ma'ale Adumim

As part of my recent custom of spending the night in Maale Adumim after Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions Football games, I'm getting to know a lovely city.

The Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions Football team thanks its fans after a rousing, suspenseful victory!

We have a lot of friends in Maale Adumim, and I remember going to a "parlor meeting" in Bayit Vegan, just before we began to seriously search for a yishuv to move to, which was about plans to start the original community of Mishor Adumim. That was before the plans to make a city, Maale Adumim. No doubt our lives would have turned out quite differently if we (actually I) had been ready to take the plunge and move there.

I can't remember what kept me from going further with the idea. It could be that whoever was promoting it just didn't promote it well enough to catch us and excite us. It had to be well over thirty-five years ago, because our contacts with Shiloh started over thirty-five years ago. I hope that Shiloh is happy that we chose to live here.

Here are some views of Maale Adumim from my recent (I have a few good friends there) host's home and a walk to the bus stop:

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