Wednesday, March 16, 2016

52Frames, "Rule of Thirds"

For 52Frames this week the challenge was "Rule of Thirds," which in simple terms means that the focal point of the photo has to be off-center, asymmetric. My general tendency, even seen photos I took as a child under the age of ten, is to compose symmetric pictures. Here's the photo I sent in this week.

"From Biblical Times"
This jug/container is modeled after the three thousand (3,000) year old giant storage jugs that had been found in the archaeological site of Biblical Shiloh, a few minutes walk from my Shiloh home. The remains of raisins and wheat have been found in those containers at the site. Some of the containers/jugs are on display in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Camera: Canon Canon IXUS 145
Location: Shiloh, Israel

And here are the two I almost sent:

All of these photos have been cropped a bit to emphasize the proper ratio of thirds, but no other photo-editing was done. And the other three were all taken in Jerusalem.

Did I choose well? What do you think?


Hadassa said...

The photo you chose demonstrates the ability to find complexity in the subtlety of a limited color range. The others are nice scenes, but they aren't as interesting as the limited/complex contrast. The contrast of the smooth jug with the rough rocks also grabs one's eye.
As far as the "Rule of Thirds" is concerned, what I learned in art school is that once rules have been mastered, they can be successfully broken by someone with sufficient skill.

Batya Medad said...

I didn't know srt svhool esd in your past. No durprise. Yes it is monochromatic