Monday, March 21, 2016

Local Democracy in Action!

And not for the first time... actually this is getting close to the 30th time I've been involved in local elections. OK at least about twenty-five times in various guises. Our way of electing the local Shiloh council aka המזכירות Hamazkirut has changed over the decades.

This is my favorite and only (in recent years) voluntary position, ועדת קלפי Va'adat Kalpi, the Election Board. It's a time restricted job lasting about twenty-one 21 days, barring the need for an extension, and gives me the enjoyable experience of meeting and greeting lots of neighbors of all ages and neighborhoods. Sometimes the process leading up to elections, the nominating, is quick and easy, and other years it causes lots of aggravation. When we have questions, we contact a government office, since the committee is subservient to that government department.

Davka, this year I had thought that I had been "retired" from the position and responsibility when a committee headed by someone I had trained last year was appointed. But, for reasons never clear to me, that committee disbanded without holding elections, and I was asked to volunteer yet again. All the committee had succeeded in doing was to prepare and decorate this gorgeous ballot box.

Will I run the elections next year? I don't know.

PS Thanks to all the committee members and volunteers who helped us!!

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