Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Popcorn, The Old Fashioned Way

On facebook one of my friends was asking how to make popcorn, and I realized from the conversation that in this microwave world the art of popcorn-making is a dying skill, if not dead already. I've always liked real popcorn and couldn't stand the fad of the air-popped popcorn. My method is also safer than the method that has hot oil in an uncovered pan.  This is it:
 Easy to make but must have good stainless steel pot and cover.Just put in kernels to cover bottom of pot and a spoon or two of oil. Cover and start on high flame of similar diameter. When you hear popping shake a bit and keep covered. When it pops loudly again lower flame. When it quiets shake again. Turn off. Wait a few minutes before opening to add salt
Sorry, but I don't give exact measurements.
The amount of corn depends on the size of your pan. It should just cover the bottom, and the pan must be high enough so there will be room for the popped corn which is much larger than the dry kernels.

Also if you open too soon, the corn will pop all over the place. If you don't have enough oil, they won't pop.

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