Saturday, May 21, 2016

Great Meal at Mansfeld, Israel Museum

Last week, after seeing some of the exhibits in the Israel Museum, I was desperate to eat, Since it was already pretty late, my dining partner and I decided to see what there was in Mansfeld, the dairy cafe in the Israel Museum.

I've eaten there many times, and I always enjoy it. One special advantage is that service is very fast. Within minutes our meals were brought to us. My dining partner ordered their "noodle salad," and I had the quiche, which came with a salad.

These were perfect meals for the end of a busy day. There was also a wholewheat roll with butter for us. Prices were very reasonable, much less than a similar meal would cost in the center of the city, and parking is free.

You don't have to "enter" the museum to eat in the restaurant. Just go through security and you can access Mansfeld.

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