Friday, May 06, 2016

What Goes Around Comes Around, The Perfect Gift

What Goes Around Comes Around
A phrase meaning you get what you give.
About twenty years ago or more before going to the states to see my parents, I saw an adorable and practical kitchen "tool" of sorts. It was a raised wooden board that had a plastic "bowl" underneath, so you could easily "catch" the cut vegetables or fruit. I thought it would be the prefect gift for my mother who made lots of salads and vegetable. So, I bought one for her and afterwards wished I had also gotten one for myself. But I never, ever saw one again.

That is until a short while after my daughter got married. They came for a Holiday, and her husband had seen what he thought would be the perfect gift for me and bought it. Yes, it's exactly what I had bought my mother about a decade before.

I still use it daily!

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