Monday, May 09, 2016

Easy and Impressive Homemade Bourekas!

A few days ago, we had a big family get-together with all my children and grandchildren and my cousin and most of her family, too. It was at my daughter's house in Ofra, and she did most of the food preparation with the help of her siblings. I only contributed two items, of which my kids have fond memories. One was my famous 1, 2, 3 Cookies, both chocolate chip and granola/oats, and the second are my Tomato/Onion/Cheese Bourekas. They are very easy to make and always look impressive. 

batzek allim, puff pastry dough, readymade frozen or frozen malawach dough, which is basically the same though round
fresh onions sliced or cut into large pieces
sliced tomatoes
grated yellow cheese, like what you'd put on a pizza
one raw egg to "paint" on unbaked bourekas

You can make your bourekas any shape, half-circle, rectangle, square, triangle or round. There are customary shapes for different types of filling. Especially when I am making bourekas for a large group I like long ones that can be cut when served. 
Cut a piece of the dough over half the size you need for the bourekas, since you will stretch it to the size you want. 
When it's the size and shape you want, place it on baking/parchment paper.

Put the onion along one third of the dough.

Top it with tomato.

Then sprinkle on the cheese.

Fold over the dough, sealing the edges well.

I fit three in these pans and "painted" them with raw egg.

Bake in a medium oven until puffed and brown.

The onions, tomatoes and cheese will bake up really well as the dough bakes. There's no need to saute the vegetables first if sliced thin enough. There's more than enough fat in the dough, which is a reason the vegetables cook so well inside.

Use different vegetables
Don't use cheese
Fill with leftovers, but don't tell anybody!
Fill with cooked meat or fish.
Use differnt cheeses.

Please let me know in the comments how it comes out and what suggestions you have, thanks.

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