Tuesday, May 10, 2016

New Service in the Shaare Tzedek Mammography Clinic

I thanked the doctor  in the Shaare Tzedek Mammography Clinic for "reading me" perfectly. B"H, all is well, in case you were wondering...  The doctor informed me that if I "need" reminding that it's time to make my next appointment, just tell the clerks when leaving, and they'll make sure I get a reminder call.

Perfect service for procrastinators like myself whose "annual" mammography ends up more like biennial or at best a year and a half after the previous one. I've had this deal with the dentist for years, and now at the dentist I make my appointments even almost a year in advance.

The waiting room was a cross-section of Jerusalemites, Jewish, Arab, religiously dressed and less so. Some of the Arab women were accompanied by a male who translated for them, otherwise men, even among the staff, were rarely seen. And I must say that the staff members were all kind, gentle and understanding.

Everyone sitting and waiting looked worried and tense. I had one of the first appointments of the day, so I didn't see the various expressions of the women as they walked out after the tests and consultation, but no doubt that some had broad smiles, while others need our prayers.

Refuah shleimah,  a complete and speedy recovery to all who need it.

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