Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Colorful Cooked "Salad," Vegetable Dish

Yesterday, when I got back from a quick shopping trip in Jerusalem, suffering from the "clothes dryer" high and dry temperatures, I decided to whip up a nice refreshing cooked vegetable dish for myself. You'll probably notice that it has almost the exact same ingredients as the Perfect, Healthy and Easy Salad Mix I had made to bring to the Yom Haatzmaut barbeque. 

The key word here is "almost." I used most of what was left from the red cabbage, part of the inspiration for the choice of ingredients. I added the red cabbage towards the end so it wouldn't overcook, which makes it awful. It should remain crisp and fresh and bright-colored. 

  • onion
  • carrot
  • fresh ginger (which I keep in the freezer)
  • apple, the tarter the better
  • red cabbage
  • oil for sauteing
As in all of my recipes, you can add and subtract ingredients. If you want it to be a "one pot meal," then add either nuts or seeds for protein and/or cheese when it's almost finished cooking. Cover with cheese, close pan, count to ten and then turn off heat, or if you're using an electric stove top then no need to count to ten, because the hobs stay hot. 

This was cooked in a large covered frying pan. I added the cabbage after the carrots were partially cooked. The ginger gives it a nice "tang," perfect on a scorcher of a day.

This is based on a dish I had in Amsterdam thirty-nine years ago, in a kosher restaurant called "Beth Hamazon." I think they had peanuts in it. I don't remember all of the ingredients and spices they used, but there was something I really liked and tried to reproduce for years.

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