Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Post-Passover Laundry "Ditties"

Yesterday, I did a lot of laundry. Laundry is one of the things many people avoid doing during the Passover holiday, including the "intermediate" Chol Hamo'ed days, which are of holiday status and restrictions. By the time we put away all of our Passover kitchen gear Monday night and set the regular stuff back in their places, there was a ton of wash waiting to be done. So I set up the machine with a heavy, takes a couple of hours, wash on a timer to be ready first thing yesterday morning.

And after hanging the wash I photographed it and wrote a "little ditty" and posted it on facebook.  And then for some crazy reason, each time I finished a wash and hung it, I took a picture and wrote another crazy rhyme, #laundry. Here they are with some of the photos:
first laundry hung
enjoying the bright spring sun

Far from through
I've added laundry number two

Here's the third-
What! No clapping heard?

Here's number 4
and there's going to be more!

Just hung out wash number five
and feel very alive!

No tricks
This is wash six

Now that seven washes are hung
I can go out and have fun!

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