Friday, April 21, 2017

Lovely Meal in Talpiyot, Jerusalem

Yesterday my friend and I unexpectedly found ourselves searching for a nice, but not expensive, lunch menu in the Baka/Talpiyot neighborhood. We didn't want meat, but we also didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount on a salad. After walking around for quite a while in the hot sun, we decided to escape to the Achim Yisrael Mall, on Yad Harutzim Street and Hatnufa Streets, which although doesn't have too many food options, ended up having the perfect little dairy restaurant.

It's one flight up and surrounded by various stores. They seemed to have nice coffee and cakes, but that wasn't what we were after at all. There was also a Kashrut certificate, which I'm sorry I didn't photograph. I couldn't find an internet site for them, but their phone number is 02-6725491, as you can see on their card above.

Before taking a look at the menu and ordering we walked around to see what people were eating, and we were very impressed. Though we still didn't know the prices.

There is quite an extensive menu for a place so small. In the end we ordered from the list of specials and split them between us. We ordered their Salmon Plate, NS60, and Beet Patties, NS30. While they prepared  or assembled our meal, we were served some delicious salads on the prettiest of plates.

We were given small glass plates, so we could share easily. Then the meal arrived.

First the beet patties. Later I mentioned to the staff that they should have come with either sour cream or a white cheese, and the reply was that if we had requested it, they would have given it.

We were so hungry when the salmon came that we had already divided it and begun eating before I remembered to photograph it. It also came with nice side salads.

Everything was fresh and delicious. We found it to be a very pleasant and satisfying meal.

As you can see, this excellent little "restaurant" is surrounded by stores of all sorts including a lovely hat store, as seen above. Many of the stores are "outlets" with discount prices. So even though Achim Yisrael isn't one of the fancier malls with the big name chains, you can do very well shopping there. 

The restaurant and the mall are highly recommended. Enjoy!

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