Sunday, April 02, 2017

More #morningcoffeehaiku 4U

"dial" 5-7-5
my morning coffee
keeps me alive!

Yes, especially since we're having one of those pre-Passover rains this morning, it's the perfect time to cheer up with some coffee served with a rising sun and haiku.

First coffee of week
Shiloh bright dawn of new day
Blue, White Israeli!

Drinking my coffee
Learning at Matan today
Trying to wake up

perked to perfection
Chodesh Tov to all of You
even when still dark

Big Blue Victory!
Sun is happily shining
big blue mug, of course

bright coffee, dull sky
old fashioned one spoon sugar
grape leaves, spring's coming

Perked coffee calls
American stock finished
Also perked is good

combined two coffees
under strong bright orange sun
surprisingly good

Coffee please wake me
Late night after winning game
Thank Gd Lions won!

Morning means coffee
even when there's rain outside.
Coffee needs water!

early, no sunrise
coffee from mini-French Press
busy day today

Trying new coffee
totally different flavor
Where's the caffeine kick?

Enjoying coffee
when sun is strong in the sky
Soon will be Shabbat

Laundry in House Day
Can't rely on sun to dry
Always good coffee

Stupendous sunrise
strong, hot, powerful coffee
Thank Gd Almighty

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