Saturday, April 01, 2017

Honestly, Pre-Passover is NOT My Favorite Season

As I cheerfully blog about clearing out my freezer and giving away the bamboo shelves, the truth is that I'm totally overwhelmed. I still have too much junk in the house. How can two people have and need all this. That's a problem that doesn't have to do with chametz. It just means that our house is full of clutter.

Passover cleaning is not supposed to be about getting rid of furniture, clothes etc. It's not about clearing out the guest rooms, unless you're having guests. Right?

We're just supposed to be getting rid of actual chametz, not symbolic, spiritual clutter/chametz. I got rid of the shelves last week, since last week wasn't "kitchen time."

I keep to a rule that makes actual Pesach cleaning more doable. We never eat in bedrooms. The kids even when little weren't allowed to wander all over the house with crackers, cookies etc.  The same basic rule holds in the two rooms we have as our "offices/dens." No food other than some coffee or fruit.

It's no secret that there are many homes much cleaner during the year than mine is for Passover, and that includes the kitchen. I don't take everything apart to get at the grime. Grime is grime, not anything a dog will eat. And that way I don't destroy appliances.

I must take a deep breath, put on a smile and find some nice things to do as "breaks." 😍

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