Sunday, April 23, 2017

Some Changes, Hope it Helps

Nothing to worry about. That green thing snaking around my front garden is an old-fashioned hose for watering the garden. It was bought ages ago and hadn't been used for years. I was surprised to discover that there don't seem to be no leaks. The gardener who had worked on our little vineyard, and is also the vintner of the wine made from our grapes, has been after me to water it during the dry summer months.

And since I've also invested money in getting the rose bushes separated from the grapevines in front of the house, I started watering them, too. I  hope that the water and the fertilizer the gardener had added will give us more and more beautiful roses.

We're also planning on planting bushes around the back of our property as a "fence," and it occurred to me that since we'll both be home a lot more in the future, it really doesn't pay to invest in a "watering system." There's no reason we shouldn't just use the hose. We can buy one for the other side of the house.

For a very long time, I didn't pay much attention to the garden, but now it's time for change. What do you think?


Sandra said...

You could start a new hobby. I love to grow vegetables. In Israel you can grow more and be more successful with all that sunshine. Its very satisfying, eating your own veg and salad! Herbs too. washing up water is even good too, so not can keep your coffee grounds and veg waste to compost. Go the whole hog and become a mini farmer in retirement!

Batya Medad said...