Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Another Simple Cleaning Tip

When I'm stuck with a difficult cleaning job, like getting burnt stuff out of a good pot, I take out one of the oldest and least expensive cleaners, "bleach."

after just a couple of hours

For good and for bad, I've seen common bleach dissolve all sorts of things from burnt food to fabric. One of the big advantages in using bleach is its price. It cost much less than all the modern, fancy well-marketed cleaners.

For cleaning pots, I pour it straight in, but for most cleaning, like on the tiles with a scrub brush, I dilute it with water. And never pour bleach directly on fabrics, or you may find that the fabric disappears along with the stain. If you're really desperate to sanitize a load of laundry with some bleach, then pour a small amount in the prewash soap compartment along with detergent. That way it won't land directly on the fabric and will be rinsed out early in the wash cycle.

If you read washing instructions, most items tell you never to use bleach. It can easily change the color of the clothes besides weaken or destroy/damage the fabric. But I must admit that I've used bleach many times. Remember that I'm of the generation that laundered cotton diapers for all of my kids. And over the years I've had to sanitize many things and get rid of moldy smells etc.

Of course there is always a danger to the fabrics and various surfaces, especially synthetics, when you use bleach. But if it's between throwing the item out or adding some bleach, I'd try a small amount of bleach first. Cotton seems to do best with bleach, white of course. Again, I repeat that you need to prewash and not let the bleach directly touch the fabric.

Here in Israel, if you have the old floor tiles you can clean/sanitize with bleach, especially diluted and/or adding a tiny bit to the floor cleaner.

I also find that only bleach will get grime out of the sink and tub. Open your windows and use gloves, of course.

I've also had good results pouring bleach down a slow-moving drain. Unlike with the commercial drain-cleaners and acids on sale, I know what I'm using.

No government health and safety department has gone over or approved this. Use at your own risk.

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