Saturday, September 09, 2017

Ariel "Greg" One of The Best

As you may remember, last week I visited the new mall in Ariel. Besides a very useful shopping in the Rami Levy, my friend and I had lunch at the "Greg Cafe" kosher dairy restaurant there. Nowadays I don't think there's a mall in all of Israel that doesn't have a branch of this restaurant chain. The food and service are generally pretty good

My friend told me that when this branch in Ariel first opened people were waiting on line to get in. The "competition" is a CafeCafe at the other end of Ariel, in the sports center next to the swimming pool. Greg has a perfect location in the mall with lots of space for tables outside. They were shaded by giant umbrellas, and I have no doubt that they'll be putting up some protected area in the winter, since the inside isn't all that large.

My friend and I both had salads, which as large as they were, we finished. I must admit that I ate the whole wheat bread which was absolutely delicious. For the sake of my diet, I did not finish every drop of the bread. Mine was called "Salad Yair," and it came with a hardboiled egg and excellent techina. My friend's salad had white cheese and croutons.

We didn't even look at the dessert menu. The salads were treats enough for us. Service was good, and the restaurant seemed clean, including the WC. I couldn't find a phone number for this branch.

At present it's the only restaurant in the mall, but I'm pretty sure I saw some signs on the upper level about one opening. There will be many more stores open in a few months. No doubt I must get to that Ariel Mall again. I really did have a wonderful day there.

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