Saturday, September 02, 2017

Pishers' Guide to Jerusalem #24 Horse Park WC Staff Horsing Around

This is a continuation in my ongoing series about public toilets in Jerusalem. See #23#22#21,#20#19#18#17#16,  #15a#15,  #14#13#12#11#10#9,  #8#7,  #6,  #5, Saved by The First Station aka #4a#4#3#2 and #1

This isn't my first post about the Public Toilets in the Gan Hasus, Horse Park. Maybe you read
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They did fix the peep holes not long after my post came out. That certainly makes it more pleasant considering that the location is extremely convenient for those of us who shop and do other errands in the center of Jerusalem. It's nearby a number of bus stops, so one can even get out for a quick "stop," if necessary.

It's usually clean and equipped with soap and toilet paper, but the other day when I stopped in not a single solitary stall had toiletpaper. I checked them all. Luckily I had a supply in my bag. Another woman came to use the facilities, and I told her her that there was no paper.

We could hear the staff talking in the supply room as we spoke, and we were very annoyed. The municipal worker finally walked out of her "office" carrying rolls of toilet paper as we were leaving. She was angry with us!
"You should have told me there was no paper." She yelled at us.
"You should be checking all the time." We replied.
Upkeep in the public toilets is rather unreliable. I've also found the new loo off of Jaffa Road near Rivlin to be "unstocked."

The obvious lesson is to always have a good supply of tissues with you, since it's too risky to trust the WC workers to keep them clean and stocked. Also, just because it was clean and there was plenty of paper one day doesn't mean that you can rely that the next visit will be as pleasant.

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