Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Retirement... Yes, We're Officially Retired -Eeks!-

There are two real difficulties for me in being half of a "retired couple."
  1. I need to have something to do to get me out of the house every single day.
  2. It's really hard sometimes to remember not only my varying schedule but also my husband's.
I have gone through times of unemployment, when I had little to do and even less money to do it. But maybe it was because we, including the kids, were younger, I don't remember an almost depression on days when nothing was scheduled. What did I do then to keep myself busy and happy?  During those days, my husband would be at work everyday.

Now, neither of us have "jobs" which get us out on a regular basis. 

We are now officially "small businesses." We can both legally "work" at small jobs and give receipts. I guess I ought to make a blog post specifically about that. I still have to get receipts and cards printed. I guess they will be my very first business expense. If anyone would like to volunteer to help me with the graphics, I'd appreciate it, thanks.

Every week has a different schedule for us, especially for my husband. We generally help out with the grandkids on different days and attend different events. I study now twice a week in different places.

It is reasonably complicated for each of us to keep track of our own schedules, but sometimes we need to do something together. That's a bigger challenge. We scheduled an evening out with my cousin and her husband, and in the end my husband had to make changes to fit the enjoyable evening in. Today, for instance, I'll be going down later than planned to the Tefillat Chana in order to make time to tutor. 

Now that the local pool has closed until next summer, I really make a point of getting out to walk once or twice a day. אחרי החגים... Acharei hachaggim... After the Holidays, I'll make a decision as to what pool and fitness program I'll join. In the meantime walking is my chief fitness mode. Whether solitary or with friends, it's a nice way to see what's new in the neighborhood.


Cerinda said...

I give you a year and you will wonder how you had "time to work". Ken has less than two years before he retires and I am counting the days. Our goal is to travel, spend Winters somewhere warm and just be together. I know Ken will keep busy with his Geneology and will have to keep his mind busy. I guess what we all have to be thankful to GOD for is that we made it to retirement and now can explore another chapter of our lives. Congratulations and enjoy every minute

Batya said...

Enjoy in good health, both of you. During the weeks I'm busy, I love it. I wish I had planned better financially, but we'll just have to live frugally. Then there are days and parts of days when I feel like I am going mad...

Sandra said...

We are both retired, now I think it's been six or seven years. I plan a day every week for us to go to an art gallery or a Museum. Before we go, we research on the internet so that we understand a little of what we are going to see. Then we each learn separately on three times a week. We are very busy and walk miles on our trips out. We have also made time to travel to exciting places all over the world. We should all have long and fulfilling retirements in good health! Shana Tova to you!