Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Internet Repair, New Router for Me and "Baile Rochel"

Everything here is exactly as it happened. But as I began writing I knew that some of you would insist that it could only happen to Baile Rochel. So, we're sharing credit.

I can't quite say when it started... For at least the past few months at least, we've had intermittent stoppages of our internet service in the house. There wasn't a real "pattern" except for Murphy's Law.
Finally, late last week, I couldn't take it anymore and bit the bullet. I called the complaint line aka "tech support" for Bezeq. The girl, probably young enough to be my granddaughter, was very sweet. By pressing a few magic buttons where she sat, she told me that she can see that I've had periods of time without proper internet service. This sort of thing is like science fiction for someone of my generation. I told her that the last time the Bezeq guy came he had to replace all sorts of cables. That was after I had to argue with the "tech support" who wanted to send me a new router, which I'd have to install!?!

The sweet young thing on the phone didn't make such unrealistic demands. She typed a few more commands into her "magic ball" and told me that the repairman would arrive Monday morning between nine and eleven, 9-11.  So, I set my phone planner to remind me to be suitably dressed on time. He shouldn't knock on the door when I'm in the shower...

No, he didn't come when scheduled... he came earlier! But he called first to say he was driving to a nearby community to pick up his security guard. Yes, that's pretty funny. The local Bezeq technician lives a short walk from my house and had to drive unescorted to get the guard... Yes, I was fully dressed and all when he arrived.

The technician checked out a few things, more science fiction stuff, and announced that we have been paying for 100 whatevers, but our router can only handle 15, or something like that. And that's why our internet keeps taking breaks. So then he coached my husband through a "chat" with one of the Bezeq sales people to change our package and pay less. When it got too complicated for us, he took the phone and spoke. The salesperson asked:
"Who are you?"
"Their grandson."
And now we'll be paying a bit less each month. And we also go a brand new router which can handle the supposedly faster internet. So far so good, bli eyin haraa.

It's so strange to think that we now live in a world that has technology we never even dreamt of growing up and even as young parents. In all honesty, I haven't a clue how this technology works, and I don't have to know. It's all here for my use and enjoyment.

Shanah Tovah, Metukah Ubri'ah
Have a Good, Sweet and Healthy New Year

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