Sunday, September 10, 2017

Thankful I Can Turn Off Irma

Florida and the cruel Irma are very far from here in Shiloh. CNN has been trying to give us a feel of what Floridians are suffering through.

It's crazy that the TV reporters are in the streets reporting that the public has been told not to call the police, since the police aren't to endanger themselves.

I'm thousands of miles away wondering if all my family and friends have managed to get to safe places.

Every place has its dangers.

When I visited my cousins in Florida a few years ago, I was very impressed by the vibrant and growing Jewish communities there. Rebuilding won't be simple. People in Houston, Texas are now returning to dangerously polluted homes and neighborhoods. The water that still floods there can cause major, long-lasting life-changing diseases.

And I get nervous thinking of the logistics and mess of redoing my kitchen...

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