Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Welcoming 5778, Heading to a Healthy Year, Gd Willing

Yes, this is the "face of 5778," refreshing and cheerful, Gd willing.

Ever since my vegetarian years, twenty-five 25 would you believe, I've been making a "fruit head" rather than displaying a whole fish, head and all, on the Rosh Hashanah table. Each head looks a bit different, just like each year differs from the preceding.

May the Jewish Year 5778 be one of blessings, health and joy for all of us.

May we learn to see the good in all that happens and cheer each other up, when needed.

And I ask your forgiveness if I've hurt or harmed you in any way.

שנה טובה, בריאה ומתוקה
Shanah Tovah, Bri'ah Umetukah,
May You Have a Good, Healthy and Sweet Year


kristina young said...

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By Kristina

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