Sunday, December 23, 2018

After All These Years, How Can I Replace It?

When my clothesline suddenly ripped this morning, my first reaction sas:
"After All These Years..."
And since I knew exactly where I had bought the rope, I wasn't all that worried. True, I had last replaced it about twenty years ago. Luckily I had only planned on hanging out one wash.

Instead of one of my "fitness" "trying to lose weight" walks, I went down to the grocers. That's where I had bought the one that had lasted for about twenty years. It was a thick metal wire coated with some plastic. I wanted exactly the same thing. It will probably last longer than I will, at least longer than my laundry hanging capabilities. Only Gd knows, for sure.

At the grocers, I said:
"I need to replace something I bought here twenty years ago."
Everyone in the store was my kids' generation, so they looked at me kind of funny. When I explained what I needed the manager went to help me find the clothesline. Problem. It wasn't the same sort of material. It reminded me of the lanyards we used to make. And even worse, it came in ten meter packages. I would need four packages for the four lines of five meters each plus enough to tie them. That's crazy; I need one long 25 meter package.

There's a hardware store down the hill in the Shiloh Industrial Zone; maybe they sell it there. But before I had time to go down, my husband said he'd be in Sha'ar Binyamin. So, I asked him to go into the store where I got the plastic bag holder. We struck out again. He didn't find one there. So I still must go down to the industrial zone. Gd willing.


Anonymous said...

Batya is the above comment from -John Smith- real or what or a joke ?

My emails have been hacked, and my computer too.. also my gmail.. so got rid of gmail.

Its a bad bad world today.


he sounds scary....

Batya said...

spam comments, happens all the time
They're gone