Sunday, December 02, 2018

So, Sue Me

I never remember from which side to light my chanukiyah, Chanukah Menorah.

Is it that awful a mistake?

Once the oil stops burning, I'll turn it around. At least the rest of Chanukah I'll get it right. OK?


Unknown said...

My kids learned this song in preschool and we still use it to help us get it right, youngest child is 19 "you put them in starting from the right, you add one more for every night. But don't forget when it's time to light, you do it from the left to the right"

Batya said...

Good idea.
I have to try to remember that the writing on my chanukiya is on the display side.

Shelly said...

Not terrible, but interesting. I forget (or never succeed in remembering) some things but this isn't one I've ever forgotten. Got me thinking about why people remember certain things as opposed to others.

Batya said...

My memory is usually pretty good about most things, except maybe names of people and even sometimes faces. But this has always had me stumped.