Sunday, December 09, 2018

New Mug From My Granddaughter

At our big family Chanukah Party last week, I brought presents for absolutely everyone. I've continued with the custom I began when I was working in Yafiz clothing store, buying pajamas for all of the children. I managed to find them all in one big shopping session in the Pisgat Zeev Mall a few weeks before Chanukah. Sales had already begun, and there were all sizes. I had to get adult sizes for the oldest ones, who are all taller than I am. And in one of the big children's chain stores, Kiwi, I found cute sweatsuits for the younger ones. So far, reports are that they all fit.

For the grownups, I went to my favorite store, FOX Home, and I wasn't disappointed. They had a wonderful selection of mugs at discounted prices. To make life easier for myself, I got all the kids identical mugs and something else useful for my husband.

I was surprised at the party by a personal gift for me. One of my younger granddaughters bought everyone presents with her own money. This mug has praises written all over:
"My Grandma is THE BEST"
"My Grandma is Young at Heart"
"Beloved Dear Grandma"
"Grandma #1"
"Perfect Grandma"
and more wonderful words๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’Ÿ

Yes, she's a very special granddaughter!


Anonymous said...

Oh my Batya...!!!!

that was just so sweet...and so heartwarming to read of your little grandchild who gave you truly such a special gift.

I am sure all your grand kids are wonderful... This special little one seems to know her grandma for what Grandma Batya really is..

You are blessed... and may Gd bless you all the more, and all your family too.. Amen v'amen.

anon K

Batya said...

Yes, thanks, blessed