Thursday, December 27, 2018

One Big Disadvantage of Making Coffee in Stainless Steel

For years I've been making my morning coffee in either a stovetop stainless steel percolator or in a French Press. Until a few months ago, the French Press was glass, but now, after so many broke I have a stainless steel one.

Honestly, I'm very happy with the quality coffee they make. I use Israeli Elite Turkish in the French Press and either American ground coffee or buy ground coffee here in Israel for the French Press.

There's only one real disadvantage to making coffee in stainless steel. I haven't a clue as to when I've poured/served almost all. I use a great variety of coffee mugs, different sizes. So it's hard to keep track, have an accurate idea when only a spoonful is left, when I should pour just a bit more into the mug. At first I'd continue putting in my half spoon of sugar and sometimes get just a few sips of coffee to drink with it. OK, that super sweet coffee wasn't on purpose, so do the extra calories count?

Now when I think I'm towards the end I first pour the coffee and then add sugar to suit the quantity.

Problems of the "rich."

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