Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Don't Be Shy, Report

This isn't about the "Me, too" movement, but in a way it's connected. There are many things that should be reported. Not all are dramatic and sexual.

I'm sure that in the rest of the modern world, like in Israel, the various public transportation companies have phone numbers and internet sites through which you can report various irregularities. My husband and I have gotten free tickets to be used to and from Jerusalem when reporting that scheduled buses haven't arrived.

Today I reported something else. Not for the first time did a bus driver take off before I could get near a seat. But today I reported it. I was very annoyed and sat myself down on the steps. I managed to twist around and place my Rav-Kav (prepaid bus pass) on the "sensor" to pay, which could have been dangerous for me. But I had been holding it and wanted to put it safely away.

Click here to report it.

I'm sure this driver has done it to me before. Another time a driver told me to sit in a proper seat, and I told him that I don't walk in moving buses. That's extra true when the bus is making turns, as it did seconds after I boarded.

Luckily I wasn't dressed in anything fancy. Denim skirts are pretty hardy.  I even took a picture.

As you can see, I was sitting on the steps of the bus.

It was about a seven minutes' drive until the next stop. When the bus stopped, I quickly got up and found a seat. And when I got home, I reported it to Egged Tavura.


Ed Greenberg said...

Perhaps if you continue to report to Egged you can crack the shell. This is no yolk. You could have been scrambled. I know some of the drivers are pretty hard boiled. I'm not saying you should be coddled, but at least not be be-deviled.

Keep the sunny side up...

Batya said...

Ed, I already got a notice from the bus company that the driver had been called in.